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Catering Calgary by Ernie's Mobile Barbecue is an Award- Winning Catering Company. Book Your Next Catering Event With Us !

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Ernie's Catering Company Calgary & Mobile Barbecue

Ernie’s Catering Calgary & Mobile Barbecue is a full-service catering company that specializes in all types of caterings, from corporate stampede functions on the spot mobile grilling or cooked or smoked and prepped in our kitchen and cut on your site, for crowds from 20 people to as large as 5000 folks, we cater them all,

Make no mistake I will work extremely hard for you! Service and presentation and quality rank number one with me, all our staff are highly trained, come neat and friendly and tidy, I promise and give you my personal guarantee that we will choose the best possible products for our customers, we use absolutely no MSG in any of our products and have available meals that are gluten-free and if vegetarian is your choice we cater that to,

Meats such as barbecued whole hog cooked in our kitchen and cut on your site to our free range antibiotic steroid free Hutterite raised baked or barbecued chicken, with our very own in-house made vegetables and salads have made us one of the most sought-after caterers in Alberta. We also offer taste testing in our restaurant.

Ernie’s Catering Calgary & Mobile Barbecue provides retail sales of Hutterite raised chicken, Hutterite homemade sausage and bacon, and ribs. All livestock are raised at Hutterite colonies in Alberta and are free of antibiotics, growth hormones and are fully organic. The livestock is butchered at a licensed facility at a Hutterite colony in Alberta. Chickens are available for order and are delivered fresh to our customers before being frozen.

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Our History

Ernie’s Mobile Whole Hog Barbecue & Catering Inc. started on a dream, a passionate dream, and a dream that just would not go away.

In 2008 at a Christmas gathering with family, Ernie’s dream was becoming a business idea. After discussing this concept with them, my father and youngest brother told me this is a business that, if done right, builds itself. Why would he doubt family who has been doing the whole hog barbecuing well for 20 years in Manitoba?

Ernie’s Mobile Whole Hog Barbecue & Catering Inc. is owned and operated by Ernie and Margaret Kleinsasser.

Margaret brings 29 years of cooking and serving experience to big crowds. She was Head Cook for a restaurant in Morris, Manitoba, for two years and has served on many occasions as a caterer and server at wedding and funerals. Margaret is very organized. Her organizational skills will be essential to Ernie’s Mobile Whole Hog Barbecue. She marinates the best steaks and cooks the best ribs in the country. Her cherry cheesecake is the best on the planet!!! At present, Margaret is operating a successful day home with a huge waiting list.

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Retail Products

BBQ Beef on Bun 454g - Ernie's Mobile BBQ

AAA BBQ Beef on Bun 454g



Pulled Pork 454g - Ernie's Mobile BBQ

Pulled Pork 454g



Smoked Pulled Brisket 454g - Ernie's Mobile BBQ

Smoked Pulled Brisket 454g



Pulled Turkey 454g - Ernie's Mobile BBQ

Pulled Turkey 454g